Washington College Grants and Loans

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Washington College Grants and Loans

Washington Grants

State Need Grant This grant assists Washington's lowest income students. To be eligible, the student's family income must be no more than 65% of the state median income. This varies from $23,500 for a family of one to $45,000 for a family of four to $62,000 for a family of eight. Students with family incomes 50% or less of the median are eligible for up to 100% of the maximum grant, while those with incomes between 51% - 65% are eligible for 75%. THere may be more requirements.

Educational Opportunity Grant (EOG) This grant provides assistance to Washington residents who have financial need and who are considered placebound. This means that the student has personal barriers, such as family or employment commitments, health issues, financial need, or similar factors, that make an education at a four-year college difficult to continue. Applicants must be at a junior level, either in a four year school or as a graduate of a two year Associates of Arts or Sciences program. The maximum grant is $2,500. A FAFSA and a grant application must be submitted. There may be other requirements.

Washington Scholars Grants This award goes to two students from each of Washington's 49 legislative districts. The high school principals nominate the top 1% of students based on academic achievement, leadership and community service. Then a panel chooses the recipients. The maximum grant is about $5,000. depending on the school you choose to attend. There are other requirements.

Washington Loans

Health Professional Loan Repayment Applicants must be a licensed primary care health professional including physicians (MD/DO/ND), physician assistants, nurse practitioners, midwives (certified-nurse and licensed), pharmacists, dentists, dental hygienists, and all levels of licensed nurses. This program will help repay current loans owed by the participants. The participants must be employed by an approved site. Loan repayment can be a maximum of $25,000 per year for the first three years and up to $35,000 for the next two years. There may be other requirements which can be checked at the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board Health Professional Loan website

For more information on Washington state grants and loans, please visit the Washington higher Education Coordinating Board website.

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