Utah College Grants and Loans

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Utah College Grants and Loans

Utah Grants

Utah Centennial Opportunity Program for Education (UCOPE) Grant The UCOPE grants are intended for Utah residents with financial need. Application is through the FAFSA. Funds are allocated by the Legislature and may not be enough to cover all qualified students, so apply early. Not all Utah schools offer the UCOPE, so check with your school's financial aid office.

Utah Loans

The Terrel H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan (TIL) Utah residents can qualify for this loan program if they are planning their college major in a teacher certification subject area. The loan can cover tuition and fees for up to four years. Once graduated and certified, these loans can be forgiven if the student teaches in Utah public or private schools. The loans are forgiven on a year to year basis, so teaching in Utah for four years can forgive the entire loan package. There may be other requirements for this loan program.

For more information on Utah state grants and loans, please visit the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority website.

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