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South Carolina Scholarships

Archibald Rutledge Scholarship For this scholarship, students compete in drama, creative writing, music, and visual arts. The award is for $5,000. Seniors in South Carolina public schools who are planning on attending an SC state college or university are eligible for the competition. There are other requirements for this scholarship.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship This is a merit-based scholarship to encourage the most academically talented students to remain in South Carolina to attend college and also to retain talented minority students who might otherwise study outside the state. The scholarship award is up to $6,700 per year.

LIFE Scholarship This scholarship is merit-based and the award is up to $4,700 depending on the school attended. Eligible students must not have received a HOPE scholarship, Palmetto Fellows Scholarship or Lottery Tuition Assistance. There are other requirements for the LIFE Scholarship

SC HOPE Scholarship This scholarship is merit-based, intended for students attending a four-year institution who are not able to qualify for the LIFE or Palmetto Fellows Scholarship. The scholarship is for the freshman year only and is not renewable.

For more information on South Carolina state scholarships, please visit the South Carolina College Aid website.

Hollingsworth Scholars Program - Furman University has created a major scholarship program that will eventually provide 80 annual $25,000 scholarships for South Carolina students who qualify for the highly competitive award. Application deadline for Furman is February 1. Students interested in the Hollingsworth Scholarship must submit a Merit Scholarships Application and also a recommendation from a Community Leader.

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