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Minnesota Scholarships

Minnesota Academic Excellence Scholarship Students who have shown academic excellence in English or creative writing, fine arts, foreign language, math, science, or social science may be eligible for this scholarship. It is renewable for three more years as long as the student meets the standards. The amount of the scholarship will cover the tuition and fees at a state university. It may also be used at private Minnesota schools of higher ed.

Minnesota Achieve Scholarship Minnesota high school graduates who complete a rigorous (as defined by the state) course of studies and have financial need by being eligible for a Pell Grant or a Minnesota State Grant.

For more information on Minnesota State scholarships, grants and loans, please visit the Minnesota Office of Higher Education website.

Minnesota Masonic Charities offers Signature Scholarships and Masonic Legacy Scholarships to Minnesota graduating seniors who have shown academic excellence (3.8 GPA or higher) and also personal achievement and community service. Five Signature Scholarships are offered each year in the amount of $5,000 and they may be renewable for up to four years. Three Masonic Legacy Scholarships are awarded for $4,000 which may also be renewed for up to four years. For more information on these scholarships and their requirements, visit the Minnesota Masonic Charities Signature Scholarship page.

Minnesota Masonic Charities Heritage Scholarships are aimed at those who may come in a bit under the requirements for teh Signature Scholarships. If you have a GPA of between 3.00 and 3.79, you may be eligible for a Heritage Scholarship. Ten scholarships are awarded each year in the amount of $2,500 and may be renewable for up to four years. Check the Heritage Scholarship page for more information on the requirements for this scholarship.

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