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Kentucky Scholarships

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) Kentucky high school students have the opportunity to earn their scholarship with good grades and good ACT test scores. A 2.5 GPA will earn you $125 per year of college, while a 4.0 earns you $500 per year of college. Additionally, your ACT scores can earn you even more. A 15 is worth $36 per year and the amounts rise until a 28+ is worth $500 per year. You can learn more about this award at the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship page.

Mary Jo Young Scholarship Named for Mary Jo Young, a former Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority Board of Directors member, this scholarship is directed to high school students taking courses at any college or university for dual credit or those taking Advanced Placement courses with the Kentucky Virtual High School. The scholarship allows for tuition and expense reimbursement for up to two courses each semester. Priority is given to students with financial need, minority students and first-generation college attendees. Get more information at the KHEAA Mary Jo Young Scholarship page.

Osteopathic Medicine Scholarship This scholarship will pay the difference between the tuition at Kentucky State medical schools and Pikeville College's School of Osteopathic Medicine. For each year receiving the scholarship, graduates must practice for 2000 hours in Kentucky. Those who don't complete the degree or fail to practice the required amount of time in Kentucky, will need to pay back the money at a 6% rate of interest. Get more information at the KHEAA Osteopathic Medicine Scholarship page.

For more information on Kentucky state grants and scholarships, you can visit the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) website.

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