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Georgia Scholarships

HOPE Scholarship Georgia residents in degree programs at Georgia public institutions of higher learning may be eligible for a HOPE scholarship, which can cover tuition, certain fees, and a book allowance at a public school or $3,600 for those enrolled full time at a Georgia private college. Students must have a minimum GPA in most case of 3.0 and must maintain it through college to continue receiving the HOPE Scholarship. Students with the 3.0 will not qualify for the full will need at least a 3.7 GPA and 1200 SAT or be valedictorian or salutatorian for that. For thoose between 3.0 and 3.7, the award will be about $500 less per semester.

Zell Miller Scholarship Students meeting the requirements of the HOPE Scholarship may also be eligible for the Zell Miller Scholarship, which for 2012- 2013, will pay 100% of the total cost of in-state tuition charged. For students attending private universities, the scholarship will pay $2,000 per semester for full-time and $1,000 per semester for part-time students. For more information, check the Zell Miller Scholarship page.

Governor's Scholarship Program This is a merit based scholarship for Georgia's high school Valedictorians and STAR Students to encourage them to study at a Georgia school. The maximum award is $900. Due to budget cuts, the Georgia Legislature has eliminated funding for the Governor's Scholarship Program.

Charles McDaniel Teacher Scholarship This is a merit based scholarship for college juniors and seniors enrolled in a public Georgia college or university. You will need at least a 3.25 cumulative gpa to be eligible. Check at the Georgia411 website for more information about requirements and application.

REACH Scholarship This new scholarship (Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen) is a need-based opportunity. Students in the seventh grade can be nominated by their school. Students must be U.S.citizens or eligible non-citizens, be qualified for the free or reduced lunch program and have good grades, regular attendance and good behavior records. Winning students will qualify for mentoring, coaching and a scholarship award. Upon high school graduation, winning students will receive a $10,000 scholarship to help with their college expenses. Additionally, many Georgia colleges have agreed to match the scholarship amount. While currently only the Rabun, Douglas and Dodge school systems are taking part in the REACH Scholarship Program, it is expected to be rolled out statewide in September 2012.

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