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Arizona Scholarships

Arizona College Scholarship Foundation (ACSF) Program The ACSf is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarships and mentoring programs to low income/high potential Arizona students. Several awards are available through the ACSF. You can get more information about applying and the requirements by visiting

Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation Scholarships The Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation provides thousands of dollars worth of scholarships each year to 4-H club members. There are approximately 15 different scholarships that you can apply for with just one application. Here is a list of the available scholarships:

  • Becker-Baguley 4-H Scholarship
  • Betty Accomazzo Memorial Scholarship
  • Don Landeen Memorial Scholarship
  • Eugenia Scott & Ralph Rodgers Hawthorne Scholarships
  • Everett Grondin Memorial Scholarship
  • Farm Credit Services Southwest award
  • Farm Credit Services SW Jake Flake Memorial Scholarship
  • Fleming 4-H Scholarship
  • Jimmy Accomazzo Memorial Scholarship
  • Jim Faul Memorial Book Fund Scholarships
  • June Gibbs Memorial
  • Leonard & Rita Cheatham Scholarship
  • The Jim Faul Memorial Book Fund Scholarships
  • Margery & Gene Bayless Scholarships
  • Mildred & Larkin Fitch Grants
  • Millstone Ranch/Mary & Arthur Faul Scholarship Awards
  • Pima County 4-H Leaders Memorial Scholarship
  • Pima County Horse Project 4-H Scholarship
  • Pima County Junior Livestock Scholarship
  • Ralph Hall Memorial Scholarship
Get more information these scholarships at the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation Scholarships page.

Arizona Board of Regentís High Honors Tuition Scholarship (AIMS Scholarship) - Students graduating in 2012 and qualifying for this merit-based scholarship will enjoy a full in-state university base tuition scholarship. Those graduating in 2013 or later will only be able to receive 25% of the in-state university base tuition as a scholarship. For more information, visit the Honors Tuition Scholarship web page.

Anne Lindeman Memorial Scholarship Each year three $1,000 scholarships are awarded to undergraduate juniors or seniors who are pursuing a degree in Education, Social Sciences, or the Health Sciences, at selected Arizona institutions of higher education.

You can get more information at (This website is no longer in service, I've sent a request for more info and will post it ASAP), or Linda Walker, Community Outreach Representative, 480-461-6566,

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