North Dakota College Grants and Loans

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North Dakota College Grants and Loans

North Dakota Grants

ND State Student Incentive Grant Program This program provides about 2500 grants to North Dakota residents studying for their undergraduate degree and who are attending North Dakota's public, private (non-profit), and tribal colleges. Students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 15 for priority consideration.

North Dakota Loans

Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program Graduates who teach in North Dakota in grades and/or in content areas identified as having a teacher shortage are eligible for this program. Recipients will receive up to $1000 in loan forgiveness for each year they meet the requirements, up to three years. Applications and employment certification letters will be accepted April 1 or after.

For more information about North Dakota grants and loans, please visit the North Dakota University System Financial Aid page.

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