North Carolina College Grants and Loans

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North Carolina College Grants and Loans

North Carolina Grants

North Carolina Student Incentive Grant (NCSIG) This grant is for North Carolina residents studying full time at a North Carolina postsecondary institution. The grant is for $700. Deadline for application is March 15, but funds are typically gone by February, so get your FAFSA in early. There are more requirements.

The University of North Carolina Need Based Grant This grant is based on need as shown by the FAFSA and is available to eligible students at any of the 16 campuses of the University of North Carolina. THere are other requirements.

Education Access Rewards North Carolina Scholars Fund (EARN) Established in 2007, EARN provides grants to eligible students to allow them to attend college in North Carolina without taking out student loans in their first two years of college.

Students must be legal residents of North Carolina, must enroll as a full time student within seven months of high school graduation and must show a family income under 200% of the federal poverty level. There are other requirements for the EARN grant. The maximum grant is $4000 per year and is renewable for a second year. Application is through the FAFSA.

North Carolina Loans

North Carolina's EXTRA Education Loan Program Students must have a North Carolina's FFELP loan either pending or in effect. Students must also be enrolled at least half time and making satisfactory academic progress in a bachelor or graduate degree program at an eligible North Carolina college or university. The loans do require recipient (or cosigner) to be credit worty. There may be other requirements.

Career Specific Scholarship Loans These are loans by the state which are repayable through a service obligation. This means that as you work in your field (one of several designated by the state) in North Carolina, your loan is forgiven. Should you not complete your degree and follow with your work obligation, the loans become payable with interest. Some of the needed categories are mathematics, teaching, nursing, health and science.

For more information on North Carolina grants and loans, please visit the College Foundation of North Caroliina website.

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