New Jersey Student Loans and Grants

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New Jersey College Grants and Loans

New Jersey Grants

Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) This is a need based grant which considers income, family size, number of family members attending college and more. A FAFSA must be submitted, as well as an additional information sheet. The additional info is due by November 15 for the fall semester and March 15 for the spring semester. Go to for more information and a link to the required worksheets. Depending on student needs, the grant can cover almost up to the total cost of tuition at a public post-secondary institution.

Part-Time Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) Part time New Jersey county college students who would otherwise be eligible for the Tuition Aid Grants may be able to receive funding from this program.

New Jersey Loans

NJCLASS (New Jersey College Loans to Assist State Students) This program offers a fixed rate loan and for graduate and professional students, a variable rate loan. There is a 3% origination fee for all. Current interest rates are around 6-7%.

NJLIFE (Low Interest Funding for Education) This is a Federal Stafford Loan with no fees, which gives the total value of the loan to the student to assist with their education costs. Families with an adjusted gross income (AGI) at or below $25,000 will be eligible for the loans. Over the course of four years, an average student could expect to gain almost $1700 in additional benefits with the NJLIFE loan program compared with other federal loan products.

For more information on New Jersey grants and loans, please visit the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority website.

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