Georgia College Grants and Loans

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Georgia College Grants and Loans

Georgia Grants

HOPE Grant This grant is available to Georgia residents attending a Georgia public institution of higher learning. The Hope Grant provides full tuition, certain fees, and up to $300 per academic year for books.

Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant Program This grant is to encourage Georgia residents to attend private colleges or out of state colleges within 50 miles of the student's home. Each applicant must fill out a TEG application. The deadlines are set by the individual colleges taking part in the program, so students should get information from the school's financial aid office.

College Opportunity Grant This is a need-based grant for studnets who have completed community service requirements. Recipients must be a Pell Grant recipient with an EFC from the FAFSA of $0. For more information on the grant and it's requirements, visit the College Opportunity Grant webpage.

Georgia Loans

Service Cancelable Loans The Georgia Legislature has determined that certain fields are considered "critical". Should you decide to major in one of these fields, and are able to qualify, the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) may provide you with the loans for your education. When you graduate and begin working in the "critical" field, your loans will be forgiven based on the amount of time you spend working in approved areas, usually at the rate of $1,500 - $3,000 per year. For more information, visit the GACollege411 website.

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