CollegeInvest Wyoming 529 Plan

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CollegeInvest Wyoming's 529 Plans

CollegeInvest Wyoming offers three different college savings plans to help families plan for educational expenses. Money in the accounts will grow state and federal tax deferred and when used for approved educational expenses, the disbursements will also be state and federal tax-free. You should also check with a financial advisor and tax advisor to see if a 529 investment is right for you.

Stable Value Plus College Savings Plan

This plan is administered in partnership with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of Connecticut (MetLife) and seeks to provide principal protection while at the same time offering a minimum rate of return. YOur principal and the guaranteed minimum rate of return are guaranteed by MetLife.

CollegeInvest Wyoming Direct Portfolio College Savings Plan

Managed by the Vanguard Group, this plan offers 11 investment options, including three aged based, five blended portfolios and three individual portfolios. The three aged based options are styled similiar to most other 529 plans. There are conservative, moderate and aggressive portfolios to choose from and as the age of the beneficiary grows towards college age, the money in the account is moved to more conservative investment choices by lowering the percentage in stock funds.

If you want to be more hands on and choose when to move the funds, rather than having it happen automatically, then you can choose from the blended and individual portfolios. Your choices here are:

  • Aggressive Growth Portfolio
  • Stock Index Portfolio
  • Growth Portfolio
  • Moderate Growth Portfolio
  • Conservative Growth Portfolio
  • Bond Index Portfolio
  • Income Portfolio
  • Money Market Portfolio
Changes to allocations may be made once per calendar year, though there may be some restrictions, so check with the program before making changes.

CollegeInvest Wyoming Scholars Choice College Savings Program

This program is differnet by virtue of being available only through financial advisors. The program is managed by Legg Mason Global Asset Allocation, LLC and offers a variety of investment options that are only available through investment advisors. Scholars Choice Investment Options include automatic allocations which, like age-based, move your funds automaticallly as the age of the benficiary grows. There are also six Selected Allocations ranging from an all stock portfolio to an all cash portfolio. Moneys invested here will remain until you and your advisor make a decision to move them.

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