Vermont 529 College Savings Plan

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Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan (VHEIP)

VHEIP 529 College Savings Plan

When you contribute to your Vermont 529 plan through VHEIP, your earnings will grow federal and Vermont tax deferred and if they are used for paying qualified higher education expenses, they will also be federal and Vermont income tax-free. Vermont taxpayers will also be able to take advantage of a tax credit for their donations. The credit will equal 10% of your contribution up to $250 on a $2500 contribution.

Investors can choose from three investment options:
Managed Allocation Option
Interest Income Option
100% Equity Option
Managed Allocation uses stocks, bonds, and money market funds in varying percentages depending on the age of the beneficiary. The Interest Income choice invest in Vermont Student Assistance Corp notes which try to provide at least the interest rate of a 91 day Treasury Bill. 100% Equity will place your money in domestic and international stock mutual funds. None of the options provide an income guarantee, so there is always a risk of loss (as with any investment).

For more information and an application, visit the Vermont Student Assistance Corp website.

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