Florida 529 College Savings Plan

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Florida 529 College Savings Plan

Florida Prepaid Tuition Program

The Florida Prepaid College Board offers the Florida College Investment Plan and the Florida Prepaid College Plan. The Investment Plan is not guaranteed and both your investment and interest earned can fluctuate and you could even lose money in this type of plan. The advantages include tax benefits as well as a large choice of available investments. You also have the latitude to invest as much or little as you want after opening the account.

The Prepaid College Plan offers you the opportunity to pay up front for your child's education at Florida colleges or universities.

  • 4-Year Florida University Plan
  • 2 + 2 Florida Plan
  • 4-Year Florida College Plan
  • 2-Year Florida College Plan
  • University Dormitory Plan
The 4-Year Florida University Plan allows you to pay tuition, registration fees, the tuition differential fee and local fees for 120 undergraduate semester credit hours at any of Florida's eleven state universities.

The 2 + 2 Florida Plan is useful for those students who decide to go the first two years to a community college (now known as colleges in Florida), then transfer to a university for the two upper class years.

Since Florida colleges are now offering bachelor degrees in many areas, they have added the 4-Year Florida College Plan, which will prepay for four years (120 credits) in any of the twenty-eight colleges in the Florida College System.

There are still many courses of study in the Florida College System that will lead to an Associate's Degree or teach a trade to students and the 2-Year Florida College Plan will let you prepay for tuition, registration fees and local fees for 60 lower division semester credit hours at any of the twenty-eight colleges in the Florida College System.

If your student is planning on living in a dormitory while attending university, you can now prepay using the University Dormitory Plan. You will need to sign up for this plan before or during the eleventh grade. The plan will cover the cost of a standard, double-occupancy, air-conditioned dormitory room.

For more information on the Florida 529 Plans, visit http://www.myfloridaprepaid.com. You should also check with a financial advisor and tax advisor to see if a 529 investment is right for you.

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